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Multiple Slots, Quick Input and Output

Sonnet’s Qio (pronounced Cue-Eye-Oh) is a multi-tasking marvel. Qio reads from and writes to just about any memory card—P2, SxS, CompactFlash®, SDHC and SDXC(1)—and SATA storage systems with an eSATA interface, all at high speed. Replacing multiple standalone card readers, Qio’s dual P2, SxS, and CF slots enable you to offload files more efficiently(2), and the included adapter handles SDHC and SDXC cards. Qio copies files between any cards, attached drives or host computer with aggregate bandwidth up to 200MB/sec., much faster than FireWire® or USB 2.0 adapters are capable.

Professional Universal Media Reader/Writer Plus Four eSATA Ports

Qio supports the connection of two Fusion™ F2 portable storage systems or up to 20 SATA drives in port multiplier or hardware RAID controller-equipped enclosures for quick drive-to-drive and memory card-to-drive file transfers.

E4P SATA Host Controller Inside

Qio contains the heart and circuitry of the acclaimed Sonnet Tempo™ SATA E4P SATA controller card. Four eSATA connectors on the back of Qio enable you to connect two Sonnet Fusion F2 portable 2-drive RAID SATA storage systems to easily copy files between them. Qio’s support of port multipliers and integrated hardware RAID controllers also enables you to connect four drive enclosures like Sonnet’s Fusion D400QR5 and Fusion D500P with access up to 20 drives!

ExpressCard/34 and
CardBus Adapter Compatibility

Qio’s SxS slots double as ExpressCard/34 slots, and the P2 slots are compatible with CardBus cards. If you’re a notebook user, this effectively sextuples the number of expansion card slots available to you. If you’re a desktop computer user, Qio enables you to swap adapter cards without cracking open the case. This added compatibility enables you to utilize WiFi, FireWire, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, and other adapters as well(2). How is this possible? Qio’s included interface card extends the PCIe bus outside your computer—Qio effectively adds expansion slots to your computer! Qio is available with either a PCIe adapter card for desktops or an ExpressCard/34 adapter for notebooks. Additional interface cards are available separately.

Key Features

Replaces Multiple Card Readers—Comprehensive memory card compatibility with support for Sony® SxS, Panasonic® P2, CompactFlash, SDHC, and SDXC cards (with included adapter)

Built-In SATA Connections—Integrated, fast SATA host controller based on Tempo SATA E4P with four eSATA ports supports and powers two Fusion F2 SATA storage systems, or supports SATA drive enclosures with up to 20 drives(4) total

Fast—Uses PCI Express® bus interface to deliver superior performance; aggregate bandwidth of 200MB/sec.

Small and Rugged—Strong aluminum case measures just 5.9” x 6.2” x 1.22”

Ships with either Sonnet PCIe Bus Extender PCIe or Sonnet Bus Extender ExpressCard/34 interface card

Package includes Qio, PCIe or ExpressCard/34 interface adapter, interface cable, SDXC card adapter, universal power supply, software CD, carrying case

Security—Kensington® slot

Left to right: SxS card, P2 card, CompactFlash card, SDHC card

Travel and Desktop Companion

Qio is small—about the size of three stacked CD cases—and takes up so little space, you can use it just about anywhere. Sharing the same 15cm (5.9") by 16cm (6.2") footprint as Sonnet’s Fusion F2 storage system, the Qio measures just 3cm (1.2") tall. It’s rugged, too—its robust aluminum case withstands heavy use. For desktop use, a universal 12V output AC power supply that will power the Qio plus two attached F2s with wall plugs for US, Japan, Europe, UK and Australia use, is included. For battery-powered operation(3), the optional XLR 4-pin adapter cable can route battery power to the Qio plus attached Fusion F2’s. No matter where you use it, Qio will quickly become an essential tool in your workflow.

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